“Okay..so, even though this ending…this is ending, doesn’t mean I’m going to be gone, I’ll always be there for, whenever you need me, for whatever reason. I’m not going anywhere, ever…” All she did was smile. Because all she could hear were the words “this is ending…”

“Do you have a napkin?” she asked with a small teary eyed smile, compressing every last emotion inside her. He checked for his pockets, and shook his head in negative. “Damn it goat!”, she smirked, “Always carry a napkin when you know you are going to make someone cry!” He smiled a little and said, ” Yeah, sorry.” They gave each other a small hug, sad smiles and she walked out of the room, looking at a series of links of metal with charms hanging off it, clasped around her wrist.

I’m sorry too.


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