The Birthday wish…

…..”Take me away, somewhere far, far from here. A place where they’ll never find us, where I don’t have to look behind my back before taking your hand. I can’t do a double take anymore around myself each time I want to  give you a kiss. Please, just take me away.” …..

‘And cut!! That, darling was excellent, the perfect take!! Alright now listen, party at the producer’s penthouse tonight. I’ll be late, don’t wait up. Little superstar will need her beauty sleep for the shoot tomorrow!’ And just like that, once again, her mother/director danced away as if her darling little superstar didn’t even try to utter a word.

That night, she blew out a little candle off her cupcake while her mom smiled, laughed and drank her way through the party thrown by the producer. Mom didn’t remember what date it was. The little superstar sighed as the clock struck twelve, wondering why doesn’t her birthday wish ever come true.


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