The Letter…

A lady of the the early nineties, open a sealed envelope dated back to June of 1999. As she was unfolding the paper, the sounds of bullets and bombs kicked in. A tear trickled down her cheek as she read,

“Hey Maa,

I’m sorry I couldn’t come home this time. Couldn’t eat the delicious food you made. Couldn’t watch those K serials with you. Couldn’t sit with you and gossip about Mrs. Malhotra, what is she up to these days?

The war is getting worse maa, the attacks are getting worse. It might take a while for me to come back home. But I’ll be home soon maa, drinking chai with you. I love you maa, Take care.

Love, Your Darling Daughter”

15 years later, Maa still hasn’t laid eyes upon the letter. Maa’s darling daughter came home to the sight of white. Before homecoming came the silently concealed cancer.


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