The Déjà Vu…

We often have a feeling which makes us think that the present situation has happened before. Like this setting is being replayed or history is repeating itself. Politically correct term for this feeling is “Déjà Vu”. (yes, it’s french…half the english vocabulary is french) Personally, I have experienced a Déjà Vu multiple times. But do you realise that after a certain period of time, our life becomes a never ending circle of Déjà Vu’s.

We wake up, spend the whole day doing the exact same work we do every single day, almost as if it’s a habit now, come back home, eat, and go to bed. We do not realise this, but we are trapped, in an endless Déjà Vu. It happens over and over and over again. It sucks us up as a whole. And the only way to save ourselves, is to make sure that we do not become our past. Make sure that we do not become our mistakes, our regrets. Make sure that we are what we want to be. It is the only way we can escape The Déjà Vu.


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