What is pain? An extreme feeling you go through when you fall of your cycle and scrape your knee or maybe when you lose a loved one or go through a breakup, its that feeling that makes your heart heavy. Pain can be both physical and mental. Each time it hits you, you wish it would go away. It’s considered negative by most of us. But that doesn’t mean it is.

Most people do not understand that pain doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be as positive as unicorns and rainbows. It can be as peaceful as meditation. It can snap one back to reality, or send them into a daydream. It can be an extremely dangerous motivator too. For some, it is a drug, an addiction. It depends on how you take the hit. Because after a certain point of time, you start liking the idea of getting hurt. You aren’t afraid of it anymore. Instead, you cherish each moment you spend in pain. You start to think of it as your best friend. You start to crave for it. And that’s ok. It’s completely normal. Pain is neutral. You are the one who decides whether it is positive or negative. So the next time you’re in pain, ask yourself…do you hate it? Or love it?


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