Diamonds in the sky…

Stars, a name given to these little diamonds…forming shapes in the dark,dark canvas we call sky.  Don’t they fascinate you, seems to me sometimes that they are winking at our curious faces, waiting steadily, watching us sleep or cry as some of us watch a walk to remember or the lion king for the thousandth time….

One shooting star in the dark quiet night, leaves every witness of it “starstruck”…. literally. Don’t you just wish you could reach for them, fill ’em up in your hand and press them against your heart…forever. I do. They leave me with an unexplainable feeling. A feeling that makes me believe I am a part of something bigger, and that the universe has a plan for me. But most importantly, when I need them, no matter what the weather or cloud pattern is, I know for sure, they are there,quite,steady…. listening…..watching.


4 thoughts on “Diamonds in the sky…

  1. This is really informative blog. Everything has been put in a concise and figurative manner and the style of writing is par excellent!
    Though you can edit the background color for it looks pale and reduce the number of ellipses (‘….’) used . Rest, it is amazingg 🔥

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