The Reason…

Chaos..Something most people try to avoid. Something people dread to have in their lives. But if you think about it, chaos can be fun. And I am not even kidding. Now, if i were a fully grown adult and kid of the age of 16 told me this, my standard reaction would probably be, ‘everything isn’t “fun” kid, take your life a bit more seriously’.

But I am not the grown adult, and even though everything in my life isn’t necessarily “fun”, I do like chaos. I like the feeling that overcomes you in a chaotic situation, no matter how big or small it is. Do you want to know why? One simple reason. Chaos challenges one to push themselves, and find a way out of their mess. Something I try to do every single day. But then again, I’m just a “kid”, unexposed to the sorrows and hardships of adulthood.

So go ahead reader, judge this kid..because she is in strong need of your validation.



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